We are looking forward to a busy spring and summer and hope you will become part of our farm. We thank you for your support. We pray that our family can bless yours with the love we have in growing the most nutritious meat.You can contact us at GrassRootsBeef@Gmail.com or call us at 774-200-0920

Happy almost spring,

Tom, Kristin, Julia , Sarah and Caleb Bohan

Fresh Chicken

White Cornish Cross USDA Certified$ 3.90 a Lbs 5-8 lbs avg

Pastured, healthy delicious! Call Kristin 774 200 0920

Got Duck?

If you get  the hankerin for fresh local duck we’ve got you covered! Pekin ducks  are mostly white meat with juicy skin and are the most commonly consumed duck, roasted and split, french pan presses or simply chopped and fried. Pekin ducks are raised for 45 to 54 days. 

Muscovy ducks are the only ducks that are not derived from the mallard. Originating in South America. The meat is compared to roast beef but is leaner than turkey. Muscovy ducks take longer to raise 120 to 135 days. SOLD OUT