Welcome Spring 2015

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Welcome Spring
I went for a walk this morning and the air was still crisp.

I was thinking about all that we went through this winter and how hard it was.

I could feel the sun warming up the ground. It felt so good on my face, that I just about cried! I love this time of year. To be able to witness the transformation from death to rebirth is something that I will never tire of. The buds on the trees are just forming, the grass is turning green and the air has a sweet smell of earth to it.

I think about the transformation that we have been through, Tom and I working in our business jobs to now farming…It has been quite a rebirth! I feel so alive and “real.” We have never worked harder or have done anything as difficult as we have with this farm. The spring rains are like our tears, giving forth a renewal of what is so deep in our hearts. The sweet smell of the ground is like our sweat and hard work to take care of our animals and grow food the way God intended it to be.

Our daily struggles are like watching the tree’s bud. At first the wait seems so long for the leaves to’ pop’. Our struggles are very much the same way. We have to wait……..    and it feels like forever until finally a ‘pop.’

It is amazing watching our growth and to be so close to the miracles of life.

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I thank God that he is doing miracles in our lives too!
This year we received a grant that will help us to put in a commercial kitchen and our own chicken processing center. Also we are working on a grant to help us to totally turn the farm over to solar power.

These are big undertakings for us. T.J. And I are still running the farm, markets and most of the grant work ourselves. As well as raising a family. It is a daunting job but one that we know we have to do to make this farm viable.

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First and foremost I ask that you pray for God’s will to be done. And secondly if you are led to help support our farm  please consider a donation. We will need to hire some employees and until we are officially up and running our kitchen and chicken processing, we need some funding. You can make a donation to Go Fund Me Every bit counts!
We’re very excited about the return of farmers markets. We will be at Sowa (South end farmers market) Starting this Sunday, May 3rd from 10am-4pm and Copley Square farmers market starting Tuesday, May 12 from 11am – 6pm.We will be at Copley on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The start of the season is an exciting time and we are looking forward to another great season with you!



Wonderful Suprise Dinner by Caleb

Kristins Dinner

After a real long day of working, I come in at 8:40pm and am told by Caleb “I will make supper.”

I take a shower and when I am done he hands me this beautiful meal!

So blessed by this 9 year old boy!!



Sustainable Fat Loss Seminar


Jason Seib, author of The Paleo Coach and host of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast has written a brand new Sustainable Fat Loss Seminar. It’s roughly four hours on EXACTLY how sustainable fat loss happens and how to stop yo-yo dieting forever. I leave no stone unturned and no question will ever go unanswered. My first stop will be Healthworks Fitness – Back Bay in Boston, MA on Saturday, November 8. You can sign up at www.jseib.com.

This Summers Farmers Markets

Kristin and I are at Farmers Markets three days each week this summer.  We are at Copley Square Farmers Market on Tuesdays and Fridays,  11 am to 6 pm and at the SOWA Farmers Market on each Sunday 11 am till 4 pm.  Hope to see you there.