Wonderful Suprise Dinner by Caleb

Kristins Dinner

After a real long day of working, I come in at 8:40pm and am told by Caleb “I will make supper.”

I take a shower and when I am done he hands me this beautiful meal!

So blessed by this 9 year old boy!!



Sustainable Fat Loss Seminar


Jason Seib, author of The Paleo Coach and host of the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast has written a brand new Sustainable Fat Loss Seminar. It’s roughly four hours on EXACTLY how sustainable fat loss happens and how to stop yo-yo dieting forever. I leave no stone unturned and no question will ever go unanswered. My first stop will be Healthworks Fitness – Back Bay in Boston, MA on Saturday, November 8. You can sign up at www.jseib.com.

This Summers Farmers Markets

Kristin and I are at Farmers Markets three days each week this summer.  We are at Copley Square Farmers Market on Tuesdays and Fridays,  11 am to 6 pm and at the SOWA Farmers Market on each Sunday 11 am till 4 pm.  Hope to see you there.

Grass Roots Farm Welcomes Spring

Spring is hereI think it is safe to say ( but not very loudly..) that winter is over… We did, however, have a little frost on the grass and windshields this morning. It has been a long winter and we are very happy to be working in the sunshine and warmer temperatures instead of the frigid cold and snow.

Spring is definitely in the air. We have meat chicks growing, We just moved them to their juvenile coop. They will be going outside before to long. Once the nights warm up a tad bit more.

The layer chickens are producing more eggs, just in time for our farmers markets.

Pastured ChickensThey have not wanted to venture outside in the cold and snowy weather so they are happy as happy can be now that they don’t have to put on their boots!

Our cows are still in the winter field. They have broken out twice so far this spring. You know the saying “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?” Well, in this case it is true. If we move the cows onto fields when the grass is not yet established, it will hinder the growth. Soooo, we wait… They are not very happy eating old,boring balage when luscious green grass is awaiting them! Well, They don’t know the surprise we have in store for them today. We will be moving them to our neighbors field, where the grass is looking pretty good. Oh, Happy Day!!

And… calves are due this month !!!!

Devon on Spring Grass

Pigs are doing well, they, well, they just eat and eat and eat!


We are planting a garden this year, going very slow of course because of the weather. But we have a friend that will be helping us put in an herb garden. We also have starts of tomatoes, spinach, kale and lettuce. We have actually sowed the radishes in the garden already. So we are looking forward to having a fresh salad!


Tom has been working on installing permanent fencing. He has about 300 posts to pound, but before that happens he needs to clear the perimeter of the fields. The perimeter is mostly trees, pickers and multi flora rose, that just about consumes everything. And hurts like the dickens! After posts are pounded in, we need to hang the high tensile wire, 3 strands total. All to be finished by June 30th. So he has been working hard. Really sore muscles from clear cutting and moving 300, 60lb posts and ticks have just about worn him out! So Please say a special prayer for him! He also has been working on forestry,pasture and a water facility grants that we will be receiving!


I have been recovering from a hurt back and am happy to say I am doing much better! I am back to doing farm chores, cooking and cleaning , and of course kid stuff. Helping Tom with the fence as much as possible and trying to organize our life!

The kids are great! They really amaze me…when I was laid up, they went to school, came home did all my chores, made meals, snacks to eat. Waited on me hand and foot, cleaned, washed clothes and dishes and still made honor roles in school! Yep I’m a proud Mama! But we are really looking forward to summer vacation.


This year we are at Copley Square farmers markets on Tuesday’s and Friday’s starting May 13th from 11AM – 6PM and SOWA farmers Market on Sunday’s from 10AM-5PM . SOWA started last Sunday. If you haven’t been to either of these markets, It’s a must see! They have everything you can possibly imagine and its FUN!


If you are a CSA member You can pick up your CSA  at either of these markets. SOWA on Sunday May 11th, Copley on May 13th or Copley on May 16th. Please let me know which one you choose!

We will be starting up new CSA’s. We will be taking orders in May and June and the CSA will start in July. We are doing a  Beef and pork or a Beef, pork, chicken CSA. Details will be coming out soon!


Stay in touch and we are looking forward to a wonderful new year with you!



Kristin, Tom, Julia, Sarah and Caleb